Game Designer

Hitman - Season 1

I was a Level Designer for 'Freedom Fighters', the fifth episode in Hitman (2016) set in Colorado, USA. I worked on both the world layout and technical scripting; concentrating on player flow and scripting AI logic. I joined the project early on, during the white-boxing phase, and saw it through to release. 

I also helped out with the disc release's bonus mission, 'Landslide', set in Sapienza, Italy. My contribution to this level was smaller, but I scripted several AI sequences and was responsible for the implementation of some opportunities. There were some changes to the level's layout as a result, adapting the setup of the level's main mission, 'A World of Tomorrow'. 

The project was great fun, and a huge learning curve. It helped me to develop my design knowledge greatly, and I've picked up a ton of transferable skills. I'm a big fan of the franchise, and working on it was a real privilege.