Game Designer


Level designer for episode 5 Freedom Fighters (Colorado) and flashback mission Landslide (Sapienza)


Click here to watch the trailer for Freedom Fighters
Click here to watch the trailer for Landslide

When was it released?   1 March 2016

What platform is it on?   PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

What was its Metascore?   84 (PS4)

Colorado - Freedom Fighters

  • World layout - building environments with art assets to shape player flow and frame visual reveals in a sandbox level
  • Technical scripting - designing and implementing NPC loops and setting up gameplay components
  • Feature prototyping - creating prototypes of self-contained gameplay components using existing systems
  • Collaboration - working closely with artists and writers to create a cohesive experience, and syncing with external teams to maintain consistency both face-to-face and online
  • Time management - working to strict externally set deliverables

Sapienza - Landslide

  • World layout - modifying existing environments to house alternate mission narrative and gameplay
  • Technical scripting - integrating existing NPCs and gameplay components with additional setups
  • Collaboration - working closely with external design team both face-to-face and online
  • Time management - adapting scope to fit a tight timeline