Game Designer


Game Designer / environment Artist

An MArt Game Design graduate (first-class) with a background in both creative and academic subjects, who specialises in innovative approaches to game design and player experiences. Interested in player psychology and motivation, alongside detailed environment art and intricate level design.

Exhibited work at numerous industry events such as the BUGS launch at BAFTA in London, and pitched professionally to Sony at their London headquarters.

Created and released a student-made PlayStation 4 game, PieceFall, as a full title on PlayStation Store (July 2015). 


Professional Experience

Junior Game Designer – Sumo Digital
(Jan 14 – Present)

Game Designer – Steel Minions
(Jan 14 – June 15)



PlayStation First Outstanding Award
Professor Roger Eccleston, Pro Vice-Chancellor, ACES, November 2015
Sheffield Hallam University

Revolution Software Award for Game Art – 1st Prize
Revolution Software, June 2015
Game Republic, Project Bully in Unreal 4

Sheffield Hallam University Marketing Campaign
Sheffield Hallam University, May 2015

Rockstar Leeds Award for Best Team – 1st Prize
Rockstar Leeds, June 2014
Game Republic, Project Aspect

Sumo Digital Award for Game Design – 2nd Prize
Sumo Digital, June 2014
Game Republic, Project Aspect

ACES Degree Show 2014 – Best in Show
Game Republic, June 2014
Sheffield Hallam University, Project Aspect

News Publications
Bully in Unreal 4 project featured on various websites, January 2015
KotakuGame SpotGame Informer


Qualifications & Education

Sheffield Hallam University
Integrated Master’s Degree, Game Design, First Class

Bourne Grammar School
A-Levels; Art, Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics


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