Senior Level Designer


A recreation of an environment from Bully, rendered in Unreal Engine 4


Click here to watch the cinematic fly-through

When was it made?   2014 - 2015

What tools were used?   Unreal Engine 4, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, xNormal

Why was it made?   An open-ended university brief inspired me to recreate a memorable gaming location using the latest software. The project aimed to maximise viral potential to help get my name known to the industry to help me find employment. The success of this project led the university to create a new module, where students are now tasked with recreating an old game environment. 


  • Re-imagining an existing scene from an old game
  • Creating individual props and assets from scratch
  • Composing an environment with constructed components
  • Creating complex shaders and simple scripts to assist level development
  • Implementing basic lighting and visual effects