Senior Level Designer


Role: Level Designer - Released: 1 March 2016 - Metascore: 84 (PS4)

Colorado - Freedom Fighters


Click here to watch the trailer for Freedom Fighters

  • World layout - building environments with art assets to shape player flow and frame visual reveals in a sandbox level

  • Technical scripting - designing and implementing NPC loops and setting up gameplay components

  • Feature prototyping - creating prototypes of self-contained gameplay components using existing systems

  • Collaboration - working closely with artists and writers to create a cohesive experience, and syncing with external teams to maintain consistency both face-to-face and online

  • Time management - working to strict externally set deliverables


Sapienza - Landslide


Click here to watch the trailer for Landslide

  • World layout - modifying existing environments to house alternate mission narrative and gameplay

  • Technical scripting - integrating existing NPCs and gameplay components with additional setups

  • Collaboration - working closely with external design team both face-to-face and online

  • Time management - adapting scope to fit a tight timeline


These images are a result of a collaboration with IO Interactive having worked on HITMAN at Sumo Digital Ltd. Our main responsibilities have been the level design and environment creation for Colorado, with supplementary design work for Sapienza’s bonus mission. The final images are the result of the work of many people across different studios and teams.