Senior Level Designer
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Hitman 2

Role: Primary Level Designer - Released: 13 November 2018 - Metascore: 82 (PS4)



Click here to watch the locations trailer for Hitman 2

  • Design leadership - running the creative direction of a level, and coordinating a small team of designers

  • Collaboration - communicating and pitching directly to key external stakeholders

  • Time management - working under tight deadlines and maintaining scope to fit limited budgets

  • World layout - creating high level paper designs, and refining them to detailed moment-to-moment gameplay

  • Technical scripting - designing and reviewing complex NPC behaviour and gameplay components

  • Community engagement - creating memorable scenarios and nods to entertain fans of the franchise




Click here to watch trailer for Three-Headed Serpent

  • Concept creation - developing a high level level pitch and producing paper designs

  • Level greybox - creating greybox layouts and scripting initial NPC behaviour

  • Collaboration - handing over designs to other team members and supporting its development


Live Content

  • Elusive targets - creating narratives and setting up one-time target scenarios, adapting existing levels with minimal new assets

  • Escalations - using contracts to highlight specific areas of moment-to-moment gameplay and encourage new strategies

    • TBA


These images are a result of a collaboration with IO Interactive having worked on HITMAN 2 at Sumo Digital Ltd. Our main responsibilities have been the level design and environment creation for Colombia and the Isle of Sgàil. The final images are the result of the work of many people across different studios and teams working side by side to create an amazing game.